Elle is like a solar system of planets that have all collided into one. Full of ideas and creativity and an enthusiast of newness, growth and complexity; he is often described as a "relatable free spirit". His natural writing ability, combined with a passion for fashion, music, pop culture and art, give his writings a genuine ease and sincerity. He studied psychology at Clark Atlanta University, although he currently resides in his hometown of Washington, DC. He has over a decade of experience working as a print, runway and commercial model. Elle is also a poet, free writer, author of short stories, creator of quotes and other miscellaneous works of literature. He uses his gift of penmanship to encourage and motivate others to push through life's obstacles and challenges. The innovator often signs his writings with "-Love Elle", as it is a direct reflection of his first name (Lovell) and his alias/nickname (Elle). Take the journey through his solar system of writings and be inspired.


 Family calls her DD, friends call her Dani, but most refer to her as Danielle! She's an advertiser by day, blogger, and occasional "turn up queen" by night. She also happens to be the resident on site photog here. But above all things, she's a woman with a passion for exploration, memory collecting, and connection in its dopest form, human. By way of North Carolina, Dani now resides in Atlanta and is a repository of hidden gems throughout the city and abroad. After being told countless times by her loved ones and even sometimes strangers that they loved speaking and relating with her about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness, she decided on blogging as a creative means to connect and build a breadth and depth of positive relationships with the people around her. She lends her keen eye, sharp shooting skills, and infectious personality whenever possible. You, absolutely, must get to know this "girl on the go".


Fredrick Scott Salyers is an educator, writer, and photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. With his stern take on the importance of philanthropy and community, he has spent the bulk of his career dedicated to the academic, personal, and social development of young black men. A Morehouse College graduate and AUC Alum, Salyers is currently dean of student culture and the college readiness instructor at a high school in the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn. Moonlighting as a Creative consultant for Langston League, a non profit that educates middle school aged boys on cultural self-awareness and creative writing, Fred sheds light on social issues with a conscious creativity that truly rounds out the voice here.