Last week Division 1 commemorated Valentine's Day by releasing the debut from the label's newest artist, TXS

Everything is Bigger


Dallas, Texas' own, Shaquala Jackson - now known as her State's name of TXS - is taking hold of the iTunes charts with her 2.14.18 release "Everything Is Bigger".

Playing off of her moniker, the album title does sweet justice to the voice waiting to emit therein. TXS' debut takes Rico Love's perfected production and encapsulates it into an eleven track offering that will leave listeners astonished in the best way possible. In a time where voices of this caliber seem to be so few and far between, "Everything Is Bigger" is the year's most refreshing release thus far. The collection of songs serves as the perfect introduction to TXS' standout technique. Initially getting a large helping of recognition from the singing community for covers of fan favorites and deep cuts of other artist's songs on social media, it was always clear that the girl SINGS!!!! The former Grambling University student's vocals display a clarity and a keenness that is likening to legends in the game.   


In some of his best songwriting and producing to date, Rico Love was able to channel notes of classic R&B concurrently with today's radio format in a successful effort to provide a perfectly poignant LP. Juxtaposing pain with promise, each song sheds a crisp layer of the singer's love story.  The body of work does both things that all mainstream R&B albums attempt to do in today's climate of music, with the utmost ease. It provides captivating lyrics that are striking enough to be serviceable to today's youth, while delivering them through a fully realized vessel of talent and skill. Basically showing that it IS possible for a traditional R&B sound to resonate on it's own in a non-forceful manner without being placed on an artist incapable of carrying it.

Ballads like "I Wonder" show TXS' staying power in a manner that is revitalizing to the TTLO brand.


Have You Heard “I Wonder” from My Album “Everything Is Bigger” ?

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Have You hear “I Wonder” from My Album “Everything Is Bigger”?

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TXS and Rico Love first crossed paths via an Instagram DM, breathing new life into the term "It goes down...". With over a year's worth of work together, "Everything Is Bigger" was well worth the wait and for some, the discovery. Now that the intro has been made, be on the lookout for big things to come from this beautiful vocalist. Vocal elasticity and presence in tow, this album has taken over countless IG story feeds, searches, and star ratings on all streaming services just within the last week. So much so that other artists such as Tammy Rivera and songwriters like Candice Nelson have been seen soliciting full free promo and fandom on their own Instagram accounts. This type of buzz, and the utilitarianism of her team will hopefully have the world hearing a lot more from this one.


Music lovers, singers, and avid listeners of R&B be sure to check out "Everything Is Bigger" NOW on all streaming services. For more on the Artist, follow her HERE, and Tell her that Muse sent you