The Cut’s very own Lindsay Peoples Wagner published a riveting piece on their site today about the current visibility and invisibility facing African Americans in the industry of fashion


Showing how we, as a people, are marginalized in every industry - The Cut deep dives into a foray of fashion faux pas, but this time the trend is a plague in and of itself. Stemming from an HR email commentary on the above picture and the "Every Nigga Is A Star" canvas in the background, Lindsay set out on a mission to reassure herself that what was felt in that moment was a shared experience. Dimming the shine of her blackness seemed to be what she was being asked to do but the industry is currently celebrating diversity and ethnicity more than ever... right? If it wasn't before, the answer has become oh so evident.

Within the first few minutes of release this morning, excerpts of her story, along with first hand accounts of the 100+ individuals in the industry, have been spreading like wildfire across the interwebs. Today, the Black outcry in fashion is amber alerting everyone with a pulse thanks to her, and this is why:


"In a season where 16 magazine covers feature black women, it may appear that things are starting to shift. This year’s CFDA awards were more diverse than ever. In fact, fashion is having a real love affair with “blackness” right now. The appointments of Virgil Abloh as men’s artistic director at Louis Vuitton and Edward Enninful as editor-in-chief at BritishVogue are legitimate milestones. But I cannot help but wonder, in an industry that prizes progressiveness, is this just another fad?"

 - Lindsay Peoples Wagner 


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