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Since 2011, Kim Jones - Style director for Louis Vuitton's Ready-to-Wear Men's line - has been laying holy hands on the preeminence that LV holds in men's fashion. Catapulting the trend and edge of streetwear as a staple in luxury brand runway shows, Jones has consistently headed the game when it comes to keeping the design house cool. Long gone are the days where Louis could even be thought of as just an expensive leather goods retailer. Marc Jacobs helped kill that sort of noise with his run as  company wide artistic director (1997-2013). During Jacobs' time as overseer, the appointment of Jones on the team came with a necessary cockiness in the men's releases thanks to Kim that the industry and consumer base alike hope never fades. Announcing the step down from his helm over LV men's artistic direction and going out with the bang of his supermodel finale of a show this Men's fashion week in Paris has surely stirred the pot. Ending his show with appearances from Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, Jones continued his thematic  run basing this collection on voyaging. A foundation laden by the historic house's travel connotation since it's start as a luxury trunk and baggage carrier, Jones has always used his LV collections as a canvas for his own personal treks. Opting for a more international rodeo style motif on this last showcase, the collection took the layering of traditional monograms over mountainous ranged prints to delve into a nondescript locale. Kim meshed hiking and cowboy elements perfectly into a high-top sneaker boot that will have any scammer rushing to the nearest courtroom for credit card fraud. The truly divine sportswear line will definitely be one to top no matter what Jones does next. Rumors of him heading over to Burberry have already started, in lieu of LVMH having no official successor to the Jones throne on their end. Whatever is next for this genius, it is sure to hit as hard as this last collection. Until then hypebeasts everywhere will cry in lack of wealth as they wipe the drool from their lustful lips.

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