Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we have New York’s coolest dater on the cast to talk about her top sex playlist entries and how romance in r&b ceases to exist


Meet Jrdn, friend to the show and the site.

Her Dating in NYC: The Podcast tackles the tough subjects and asks the hard hitting questions when it comes down to sex, relationships, and courtship in general. Her insight on the ups and downs of dating life are more relatable, realistic, and prevalent than just about any black sitcom or drama that’s come out in the past few years. With conversation topics like “What does Sexy feel like?”, “New Person, Same old mistakes”, and the ever popular “Lessons from ‘the Weekend’ Girl” - Jrdn is able to tap into a perspective unlike any other in the realm of dating.

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Celebrating an anniversary, @LifewithJRDN spent the day with us on “The Psyce” to talk about all things Valentine’s Day and Music. Listen as JRDN sits with Stephanye Watts and The Man | The Muse himself, Mike Muse to talk about dating the same man in different bodies and the toll that it takes on the psyche. As a family, we dish about our fave hoe anthems and the lack of good music on the average nigga’s sex playlists.

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