Season One of the hottest new podcast, "THE PSYCE", is LIVE and in living color! 12 episodes of this informative, witty, hysterical, screaming match between two music heads are now available on all major streaming platforms and well worth the binge.

The void for an intellectual conversation on the state of black music and entertainment has been filled. Dual hosted by Steph Watts and myself, "The Psyce" has wrapped the first season on it's twelfth installment with the "Shoulda Coulda Woulda" episode. Celebrating for the talent (and guys) who did what the "Girls Shoulda Done" and never quite got the deserved credit and recognition. Names on the docket range from alternative and funky R&B acts like J*Davey and Shanell (SNL) all the way to more traditional singers who never broke fully through like Claudette Ortiz and Yummy Bingham. The hosts scream from the mountain tops on the bad-assery of Electrik Red and bask in the stylings of vocalists Kevin Michael and WISH.



Each episode is accompanied by a playlist (housed solely on Soundcloud) that further engulfs listeners in the music that is discussed within the show. Putting listeners on to new music and bringing them into a whole new world of soon-to-be mainstream sound is one of the many missions of "The Psyce". Together, Muse (Me) and Steph, uplift the name of their faves - old and new - with a keen ear for what's hot and what's just the f*ck not. A disservice is being done to all ears that aren't listening in and the fans agree.  

Under the broadly dimensional evolution of R&B, this podcast stands as a growing pillar of commentary within digital media. Make sure that this binge worthy broadcast is on your list and tell them that The Man | The Muse sent you.